Biology Syllabus 

Biology Syllabus

Biology Syllabus


Instructor - Mr. Byars

Room - 123

Phone # 517-668-3123

Course Overview


Welcome to Biology at DeWitt High School.  This course is designed to provide the student with a complete understanding of the Biological Sciences and is aligned with the Michigan High School Content Expectations.  The class will include, but is not limited to, Organization and Development of Living Systems, Interdependence of Living Systems, the Environment, Genetics, Evolution and Biodiversity.  To see a detailed list of the Michigan Merit Core Curriculum for Biology go to


As part of the class each student will be given internet access to the Prentice Hall Biology text.  This includes access to the audio version of the text as well as the Spanish version.  If a student would like a hard copy of the book, one will be provided.  Each student will also need to provide at 3-ringed binder no smaller than 2". 


Literacy will be supported within the Biology class by focusing on Michigan High School Content Expectations for English Language Arts.  Specifically Strand 2: Reading, Listening and Viewing with an emphasis on standards CE2.1.2 & CE 2.3.4.  To see a detailed list of the Michigan Merit Core Curriculum for English Language Arts go to



Grading Scale



92.5-100%       A

89.5-92.4%      A-

86.5-89.4%      B+

82.5-86.4%      B

79.5-82.4%      B-

76.5-79.4%      C+

72.5-76.4%      C

69.5-72.4%      C-

66.5-69.4%      D+

62.5-66.4%      D

59.5-62.4         D-





Unit Exams - given at the end of each one or two week unit.

Midterm and Final Exam - two 9 week comprehensive exams.         

3-ring Binder - checked on unit exam days and contains the following categories

  • homework assignments - chapter outline & vocabulary/diagrams/worksheets
  • labs - lab write ups and results           
  • board work - questions assigned daily from text and covered in class.

Quizzes - given the day following the completion of the activity

  • lab - short answer quiz for the lab completed the previous day
  • lecture - vocabulary quiz for the chapter covered in lecture

Earthweek - weekly assignment handed out each Monday collected each Friday.


Rules and Regulations


No Food, Candy, Gum, Beverages, or any other edible substance in the classroom.  No defacing school property, which includes writing on desks, chairs, books ect.  Breaking any of these rules may result in a Saturday school or a teacher administered detention


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