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Mr. Miller's Presentations (Junior and Senior)

January Senior Presentation

January 2017 Senior Presentation

12th Agenda January 2017

December Junior Presentation

December 2016 Junior PSAT results

11th fill-in December 2016

November Junior Presentation

November 2016 Junior Presentation

11th Agenda November 2016

November Senior Presentation

November 2016 Senior Presentation

12th Agenda November 2016

October Senior Presentation

YouTube Video

12th Agenda Oct 2016

October Junior Presentation

October 2016 Junior presentation

11th Agenda October 2016

September Junior Presentation

YouTube Video

Junior September fill-in agenda

September Senior Presentation

YouTube Video

Senior September fill-in agenda 

12th fill in September 2016

May PDF of Auditorium Presentation -May Senior presentation

12th Agenda - May 2016

April Presentation

YouTube Video

11th Agenda April

February power point from face to face presentation in auditorium click here

YouTube Video

11th Agenda Jan 2016

January Seniors

12th Agenda January

December Juniors

11th Agenda December

November Seniors

12th Agenda November

November Juniors

11th Agenda November

October Senior Presentation

October Seniors

12th Agenda October

October Junior Presentation

Juniors October