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Mr. Miller's Presentations (Junior and Senior)

Seniors, April 2018

12th fill-in April 2018

18-19 Scheduling Juniors to be Seniors

Fill-in 18-19 scheduling 1tth to be 12th

Dan Pink Motivation, watch first

February 2018 SAT Motivation

11th fill-in February 2018

December juniors, 2017 PSAT results

11th fill-in December 2017

December seniors, 2017

12th fill-in December 2017

November 2017 Junior Presentation

November 2017 Junior fill-in

November 2017 Senior Student Services Presentation

November 2017 Senior fill-in

October 2017 Juniors Student Services Presentation

October 2017 Junior fill-in

October Seniors (class of 2018) Student Services Presenttion

Fill-in for Oct 2017 video

September Juniors (2019) Student Services Presentation

11th fill in September 2017

September Seniors(2018) College Ap process

12th fill-in September 2017

Senior Transition and Final Check list, May 2017

12th fill-in May 2017

Junior SAT and College Search May 2017

11th fill in May 2017