About the School

Welcome to DeWitt High School - Home of the DeWitt Panthers

We are strong advocates for safe, civil, and tolerant high schools where every student who attends has support, care, concern, and is challenged as they progress thorough their secondary education. We have found that when parents, students, and staff work in a partnership focused on high levels of student achievement, coupled with a recognition and focus on continual growth and improvement, students achieve and relationships are fostered. Open, honest, and consistent communication is a key to the development of strong relationships within a school community.

Mission Statement 

It is the mission of DeWitt High School, in partnership with families and community, to provide learning opportunities for our students that prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow

Our vision for DeWitt High School students is to become:

Healthy Individuals

Life-long Learners

Respectful Citizens

Creative Innovators

Critical Thinkers

Responsible Leaders

Contributors of Society

School Improvement Plan/Goals

It is our intent to have continuous student growth for our achievement scores, as measured by the SAT, Work Keys and the wrap around items on the M-STEP exam. Our School Improvement Framework is created from analyzing data we receive state and local assessments. For each of the following goals and measurable objectives, our teaching staff have created explicit strategies and activities to achieve these goals for the 2017-18 school year:

1.  All students will increase their writing proficiency.

2.  All students will increase their reading proficiency.

3.  All students will increase their math proficiency.

4.  All students will increase their science proficiency.

5.  All students will feel safe and secure when present at school.