Advanced Placement

2023 - 2024  AP Exam Registration

Students enrolled in an Advanced Placement course have the opportunity to take the corresponding AP Exam each May. DeWitt High School encourages students to take the AP Exams associated with their AP courses, as scoring well can earn students college credit, saving a significant amount of time and tuition dollars at the university level.

DeWitt High School AP Exam Registration is entirely online and is a two step process:

1. Students must log into their College Board account by visiting Students enter the Join Code for their respective classes provided by their AP Coordinator and AP Teacher. IMPORTANT: Students are defaulted into taking the AP Exam. If they wish to opt out of their AP Exam, they must email Ms. Kraushaar and their AP teacher by the end of the school day on November 15th (first semester classes) or March 15th (second semester classes).

2. Students must pay for their exam(s) using DeWitt Public Schools' RevTrak store

This year, each AP Exam costs $98.00. DeWitt High School desires that every student be able to take their AP Exams. Students receiving free or reduced lunch can select this on the RevTrak store and will have a cost of $62 per exam.

Here are the important dates for the registration process:

AP Credit Policies

Before registering for AP Exams, students are advised to research the various credit policies at colleges of interest. You may find, for example, that the college of your choice will not grant credit for both AP English Literature & Composition and AP English Language & Composition. Visit the AP Credit Policy Search provided by College Board or the individual university website for score requirement information.

AP Presentation Fall 2023

AP Coordinator: